Posted by: bylinemjf | October 10, 2008

Frederick Cellars Rose

Gift from the ‘rents:

Frederick Cellars Rose wine, Maryland

2007 – Harness Creek Vineyard

George: Very sweet. Somehow reminds me of when I used to steal a sip from my parents as a kid.

Missy: The alcohol taste is strong. Summery, not too sweet, almost sparkling-like quality.

Posted by: bylinemjf | September 10, 2008

Albemarle Rose

Wine: Albemarle Rose



$15 ish? Unsure.

Coop: Tastes like dirt. Literally. I “guess” it’s juicy (in reference to label).

Me: I think there’s a definite sourness. And it’s kind of a weird “Whoa!” when you drink it. Not in a good way.

…maybe it grows on you? Stay tuned.

Posted by: bylinemjf | August 9, 2008

Yellowtail Cabernet/Shiraz



Yellowtail Shiraz/Cabernet (60/40)

George: For lack of a better term I would call this comfortable. I liked it a lot

Missy: Dry, peppery, plum notes

Marcy: Slightly effervescent

Posted by: bylinemjf | August 6, 2008

BV Costal Cab

BV Coastal Estates

Cabernet Savignon



Missy: Assertively alcoholic. Acidic. It’s all right, eh.

George: Tastes like vinegar. Not a good wine.

Becky: It’s growing on me, after I drank half a glass. But def very acidic and like, not a good cabernet.

Yeah, ass grapes.

Posted by: bylinemjf | July 30, 2008

La Roche Saint Jean Sauvignon

La Roche Saint Jean Sauvignon

2007 Bordeau

Missy: Fresh and citrus-y. Doesn’t taste cheap or sour. I really like it.

George: Doesn’t taste as syrupy as white wine usually does for me. Sweet. Or maybe I’m just used to drinking red wine. Seems very mild. I’m a fan.

Coop: Bright. Definitely more in the front than in the finish but it’s not lacking. I, too, like it.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. (toast).

Posted by: bylinemjf | July 29, 2008

Black Swan Shiraz

Black Swan Shiraz

2007, Australia


George: Spicy, When I think of full-bodied I think of cabernet but this is somehow fuller than I expected. Seems pretty fruity.

Missy: Zesty, with a slight bitterness. Also, I agree with what George said.

John: Subtle fruitiness.

Posted by: gofwine | June 18, 2008

Has this wine turned?

George: Title says it all, but I feel like writing now. I think Missy already blogged this thing, I don’t know if she liked it. Hold on…she says “I think so, [if I remember correctly].” It’s some sort of South African Goat wine. Or at least the label mentions goats. It’s a long standing veteran of our fridge. Vinegary. Cold, which is weird for a red wine. Hell, it’s wine. Pass it over.
Missy: Makes my mouth pucker. An aftertaste that stays with you, not necessarily in a good way, and yet I keep drinking.

Posted by: bylinemjf | May 13, 2008

Barefoot Cabernet

Barefoot Cabernet


George: Coffee finish. Somehow rich. Bitter. I very much like it.

Missy: Alcohol-y, fruity. Dry finish.

Posted by: bylinemjf | May 13, 2008

Sangiovese Rose

Yalumba Sangiovese Rose

06 South Australia

George: When you first drink it (is this the “nose”?) it tastes like cough syrup. After that seems to be watery. It tastes like it should be carbonated; like it’s almost slightly carbonated. Not so great.

Becky: Ggah! Eyeball falling out of a face! (in response to “Bones”). I like my rose drier than this so it’s kind of clouding my judgment of it, but in general, there’s not a lot going on, so there’s hardly any finish to it.

Missy: I think I’d like it better if it were sparkling. Otherwise, summery, easy to drink but not particularly exciting.

Posted by: bylinemjf | April 18, 2008

Abrazo Del Toro Reservo

Spain, 2002

Price: $6.50 on sale Trader Joe’s

Granacha, Temperanillo

Becky: There’s a quality at the beginning. I would just say very easy to drink, good table wine.

Missy: I think it has a nutty aftertaste. Medium to full bodied. I really like it. Has a warm finish.

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